Mess Expense – track meals & expenses

If you’re staying in a mess, hostel, or sharing an apartment with friends or roommates, you might need to track all day-to-day meals, split household bills and other miscellaneous expenses for sharing space and cooking meals.

MessExpense is a wonderful app that tracks day-to-day meals and expenses, calculate cost per meal, and finally help you to split and share the expenses within the group. Using MessExpense, you can easily track:
– who eats and when
– the cost per meal
– who paid how much
– who should pay to whom

No Username/Password required. Just create a group and share it among the participants to add their daily meals and expenses.

Key Features:
– Track day-to-day meals and calculate per meal cost
– Split and share the expenses amongst group participants
– Access from anywhere; through website, Android or iPhone app
– Log history available on website
– Works offline

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